This NYT article is a wealth of terrific info on nutrition for all of us (notice the sentence about fat-soluble nutrients)–but especially for those with picky eaters.

HEALTH / HEALTH | September 15, 2008
6 Food Mistakes Parents Make
Most parents can relate to the daily challenge of finding foods that children will eat.

We went through stages with our boys, too, now ages 19 and 13, who don’t love everything now but will eat anything.  What’s probably even more enjoyable now is that they will try most anything!

What were some of our personal family solutions?

In response to “But I don’t like it!!!,” we said (calmly)(usually),  “As you and your taste buds grow, one day you will.”

We served them very small portions of everything. (A child’s portion really is quite small). They could always have more. And they could always have peanut butter if they were still hungry (but just immediately after supper, not hours afterwards.  We followed my mother’s advice that if they get hungry enough, they will eventually eat.)

We restricted or eliminated juice.  For a small person, juice contains an incredible number of calories and can really restrict the need or desire to eat.  I really did have one child who would not eat even hours later if he had had any juice during the day.

Finally, we kept a compost bucket.  Anything (except meat) that they didn’t eat went into it.  That way, I felt a little better about “wasting food.”  It wasn’t going to waste; it was feeding my garden! 🙂
What works at your house?