Maybe you’ve seen in my quote list, “Change a Life. Read to a Child.” It sounds extravagant but it really is true.

So read, read, read to your children and to all the children in your life.  It is simple and profound, like feeding the good food rather than junk food.  Yes, it takes some intentionality and time in today’s world, but we’ve got to get real and be honest with each other about the consequences of not doing it (either the good eating or the good reading).  It affects a child for their entire life.

Ok, so you’re reading to the children in your life.  Now what more can you do?  Especially when you read Scary Statistics, Part2 and say OMG!

Donate a new book to the Holiday Book Project here at Southern Peaks Public Library.

The Friends of the Library are tackling that blood-chilling statistic head on, collaborating with La Puente to give every child at La Puente’s Holiday Party a book as one of the gifts they receive that day.  We’ll need upwards of 300 books for ages birth to fifteen.

One book, folks, that’s all.  Make it a good one, one to please and excite a child, one to make them proud to own books, one to make them want to spend more time with books.  One will bring their book count up from 0.4 to 1.4.  I’m a big believer in small steps adding up! So think about adding “new book” to your shopping list.