In today’s world, the abilities to find out and to think are critical.  These abilities depend upon language.  We use language to communicate and understand orally through speaking, aurally through hearing, and visually through reading and writing.

Early literacy is everything a child knows about reading and writing before he or she can read or write.  Six basic skills comprise early literacy and determine whether a child will be ready to learn to read and write.

No teaching is required; no special equipment is needed; no preparation is involved! Just mix a caring adult, a child, and a book with a large dose of fun, and early literacy skills develop!  Just like other language development (babbling, understanding speech, talking, etc.), these six skills are simply “caught,” not “taught,” through fun, enjoyable “living” interactions with caring adults and books on a regular basis.

The six skills that help prepare children for reading later include:

Print motivation


Print awareness

Narrative skills

Letter knowledge

Phonological awareness

I’ll tell you more about each skill later!