Banned Books Week begins this Saturday, Sept. 27, and runs through Oct. 4. In recognition of it, KRZA radio will have a call-in discussion program on Sunday, Sept. 28, at 5 p.m. I’ll be one of the guests. 🙂

You can hear KRZA on FM radio at 88.7, 100.9, or 105.9 and the big news is that the station is now streaming!

That means you can go to its website,, find the picture of the house, and click under it where it says “Listen Live” to hear the broadcasts through your computer.  So you can listen to KRZA anywhere now, even in your house if before it was all static-y (like ours; giving up my chickens and not being able to pick up KRZA in my house were the only real drawbacks to moving into town).

And self-promoting plug: my stint as DJ on Ballads and Bluegrass is the 2nd Saturday of each month.