Over the last few weeks, as I’ve mentioned to folks that they can subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, I’ve gotten many responses of “what is that?” and “how do I do it?”  Someone asked for me to post directions so I’ll do my best here.

First, what is a RSS feed? It’s simply where you tell a website to send you a message each time it’s updated.  The nice thing is that then you don’t have to remember to check back! And you don’t have to spend time looking around on it when there might not be anything new there. (I try to update several times a week, and do pretty well, but you never know when it will happen).

Second, it’s not hard to subscribe.  First look for the little orange button at the top right (on other pages, it may be at the bottom).  Click on it and it will ask you which reader you would like it added to (Google, Yahoo, etc.)  You will need a reader account with one of those sites; go to the site to set that up.  Click on your choice and it’s added.

Now you will have to go to that reader account site to check if there have been updates, but if you do this for all the sites you like to visit and read, all updates will be available in one place–and you can click the update message to go straight to the update you’d like to read.

Sometimes there can be an extra step (but usually not).  If you run into a problem, just email me and I’ll walk you through it.  Hope this helps!  And pass it along to friends!