The Friends’ Wrapping Party for books to go to La Puente’s Christmas Party was a huge success last night!  It was really well attended and everyone had fun!  I was very impressed with the range of folks we had–familiar faces, new faces, and literally all ages (even two year olds and teens).  About 350 gorgeous, cool, brand new, well known books were wrapped.  We had refreshments, music, and stories as well.

While giving to places like La Puente (our local homeless shelter) is always a good thing, I really want to commend the Friends for recognizing the value of giving books.  Middle class kids have 200 books of their own.  A kid in poverty has 0.4. Yeah, that is NOT a typo; less than half a book.  So how is a kid supposed to develop an interest in books if they have no books?  (That’s “print motivation,” one of the essential early lit. skills kids need to develop BEFORE they go to school and start learning to read).

Giving kids books helps to address this problem, one book at a time.

Again, kudos to the Friends!