22 days, right? But who’s counting? Probably your kids already. How can you keep them from driving you nuts waiting for Christmas?

Make a paper chain. You remember those from when you were little–construction paper strips linked together. A little glue (or glue stick), strips of paper, scissors if your kids are old enough to cut their own.

Make one link for each day remaining to Christmas (or whatever holiday you’re waiting for). You can have one chain for the whole family or one for each child even. Hang them up and make it part of your daily routine to take off one chain each day. We did ours at the end of the day, but any time works.

The really nice thing about this simple countdown device is that kids can SEE how many days are left–and the chain gets shorter and shorter. It’s concrete and the routine of it each day calms little souls. You can even encourage them to go count how many days left when they run and ask you. 😉