Each month I’ll try to post what’s the “best” new book I’ve gotten into the library. Usually these will be a surprise to me, something that arrives that is more than I expected.  It will be a book that if you walked in the door, I’d shove it at you and say, “Here, you’ve got to read this!”:-O

So, drum roll please, for December, it’s In the Town, All Year Round by Rotraut Berner.

It’s an oversized book that at first glance seems to be a Where’s Waldo spin-off.  But it’s truly much more.  It’s divided into four seasons and the pages flow, story fashion.  Yes, there are lots of little people like Waldo, but these little people are in little places doing little things–and on next page you move to the next part of town and then then next and so on, and then you move with the same people through the same town–in a different season!

You could spend hours (and many future years) with your children and this book.  Early literacy skills covered? Print motivation, Vocabulary, and Narrative Skills (yes, it’s wordless so you can make up your own stories).