Read anyway.  Lower your standards about what is necessary for reading to happen.  For years, my youngest would start out next to me, all cozy and snuggly, but then he’d stretch out on the couch.  And then wiggle, squirm, twist and turn.  Occasionally I’d be interrupted by a THUMP! And I would find him behind the couch.  He’d fallen off the back.  Had he been listening? YES! Did he want me to stop reading? NO!

If the reading time is:

  • Fun,
  • Interesting,
  • and requires your undivided Attention,

it will probably work; your child will grow up loving reading.

If it is boring, if it is your topic and not theirs, if it is a chore, if it involves fussing, it will not work; they will hate reading.

Sitting still is not a requirement for reading. Passing quizzes afterward is not a requirement. Always reading a harder book is not a requirement.

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