smiley-flowers-picWhat do Patty-Cake, Ring Around the Rosies, and Goodnight Moon have to do with third grade reading? Come find out Saturday, January 24, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at Southern Peaks Public Library in Alamosa, Colorado. Taught by Babette Reeves, MA, Children and Youth Librarian, the Every Child Ready to Read class will show you why reading aloud is important and how to include six pre-reading skills when you read aloud to children from birth to age five. These skills are essential when children learn to read later.

High school graduation rates can differ by as much as 30% between children with or without pre-reading skills. Even prison beds are allocated based on later reading scores. Current research on early literacy and brain development indicates that it is never too early to prepare children for success as readers.

All caring adults and teens who have a chance to read to a child are welcome; parents, grandparents, teachers and childcare providers are encouraged to attend. The program is free. Pre-registration, while not required, is requested to help with class preparations. Certificates of professional development are also offered. Call 719-589-6592 or email for more information.