What happens when our kids aren’t taught manners? When they remain self-centered? When other people exist for no other reason than to please them?

Our kids become brats. And they don’t “just outgrow” it.

Pediatrician Perri Klass has a wonderful article here in the NYT about the importance of teaching children manners.

It’s all about setting limits and learning limits. And limits are a basic, fundamental condition of human existence. You don’t need to start until your child is between 2 and 3 years old but start you must.

The preschool years are the hardest. You’ll have tantrums that force you to leave the store or restaurant or movie. You’ll have tears and maybe even an “I hate you” or two. You’ll have early bedtimes, maybe a few missed meals. It will be inconvenient for you–for now.

But elementary years will become close to smooth–and lessons learned in preschool years make teenage years far more manageable.

I’ll add a book list later of children and adult books that can help with this learning.