stroller2New research out of the University of Dundee has examined whether the direction a child faces while riding in a stroller affects language development.

And it does! Read more here.

85% of language is developed before a child begins school. That means it happens during the day to day interactions with adults. It happens in a give and take manner with another living, caring human being. It is a “living” process, not something that can be captured through a computer or TV or the best intentioned DVD’s (which research has found actually delays language development).

“…research tells us that children’s vocabulary development is governed almost entirely by the daily conversations parents have with them” (Tara Parker-Pope, NYT).

There are strollers out there that will ride either way; I used to have one. 🙂 And when baby is out of the stroller, they need to be held, talked with, and read to. It’s what children need. It’s that simple.