are-you-a-horse1I twittered last week that the Best Book for March was Splat the Cat. I really like the pictures–the truly fuzzy looking hair and the full-of-expression eyes. You just want to give Splat a great big hug!

But then yesterday I read Are You a Horse? at storytime–and I’m having second thoughts. It’s lighthearted, has a funny ending, and all the kids feel so much smarter than the poor ol’ cowboy as he tries to figure out what a horse is.

But the story is actually built around a thinking process. Is a wagon living? Is a horse? How do you figure out what something is? By looks? By how it acts? By process of elimination? By perserverance? By observation, gathering info from other sources, and deduction?

Of course, as with most well-written stories, none of this has to be discussed. Just read and re-read; you’ll be surprised years later to discover how much was absorbed.

Bonus points: fun with phonological awareness with the snake!