Every time I think I have the problem solved, it morphs. 😦  circle-time

It’s been over a week since I got any new rhymes and fingerplays up and I apologize. First Gcast started charging for their phone recording service which I had been using exclusively since my network balks at downloading Audacity.

Then I hit a glitch with Windows Sound Recorder. But by that point, I was awaiting an “any day now” arrival of my first real laptop.  Figured I’d put Audacity on it and then upload to Gcast.

I spent ALL of today when I wasn’t at work either talking, ranting via email, or arguing with Dell about what was and wasn’t wrong with the laptop I received less than 24 hours ago.

I have a phone “appointment” with a tech person tomorrow, hopefully bright and early so I don’t blow a whole day again, to try one more time.

If that doesn’t do it, they can have it back!

Anyone know where I can get a good laptop with Windows XP?

Thanks for your patience! 🙂 Rhymes & Fingerplays WILL return!