Here’s a passel of farm animals and counting to boot on The Farmbarn (or should it be a herd? :-)).

You can do this “as is,” holding up fingers as you count through the animals.

Or you can hold up (or place on a flannel board) pictures of the animals to help kids remember the order and think of the sounds.

Or I think it would be really cool to have the picture you placed up be the number that corresponded with the animal. For instance on “One is the cat that says meow,” you’d put up a picture of one cat. But on “Two is the dog that says bow-wow,” you’d put up a picture of two dogs. And so on through the rhyme. (I’m still searching for a good picture collection that will let me do this; all my pics are too big :-().

Books to go along? Any version of Old MacDonald (I’ve been using Amy Schwartz; the first verse is even the rooster!), A Chick Call Saturday by Joyce Dunbar (although I have to retell this one a bit rather than stick to the words or the kids get antsy), and Daisy and the Beastie by Jane Simmons (add some drama to this one and the kids love it; it’s just a wee bit scary! And it’s a great one for dialogic reading, vocabulary, and using contextual skills to figure new words out).

Have fun!