OK now folks, I’m thrilled you’re so excited about summer reading coming up–but isn’t it a little early to be asking for details? It’s still only April! 😉 (Actually, I got my first call in March!) I promise I won’t let you miss anything!catrow-spot-1

But here’s the basic gory details for those who just can’t wait to hear:

  • Program dates are June 1 through July 31.
  • Flyers with program info will be available no later than May 15th. They will also be provided to Alamosa schools for teachers to send home.
  • Registration is encouraged but optional and will be available online. There is no registration deadline. (You’ve got enough going on; I don’t need to put a deadline on you too).
  • All programs will be on Wednesdays, 10:30 a.m.; most (but not all) will be held by the train. More info later.
  • Toddler Time (ages birth to 3-ish) will continue, date and times to be announced. Other storytimes will be on hold until September.
  • Reading goals will encourage reading a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Why? Because 15 minutes a day maintains kids’ reading levels until they are back in school.

And THAT is the most important thing about summer reading! 😉

Much, much more here later. Keep checking back.