FLU has been on my to-read list for a very long time. I’ve always had a deep fluabiding interest in all things medical and health related and had read Kolata in the NYT for years (she is also a microbiologist). I also had a great-grandfather who died in the 1918 pandemic and another great-grandfather who was an undertaker during it.

FLU happened to be on the shelf here at the library on Saturday when I first heard the news from Mexico. It has been an invaluable read for me in the days since. Kolata is an excellent writer, the story has the twists of a thriller, and the info contained has helped me understand better what we as a world are dealing with right now, what our decision-makers are going to have to deal with, and how to grasp what we may likely be dealing with come fall.

It is a hopeful book but realistic, very balanced in its look at what medical science can and cannot do. We are a society which does not like to be limited in any way, especially by nature. But in our post-modern world, we are beginning to learn our limits and how to live with and within them.

I highly recommend FLU. You will enjoy it. You will be better informed. You can become a much needed voice for what is and isn’t possible in the days and months ahead.

Good reading!