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These are primarily for ages 3ish to 6 ish.

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Have fun!



What’s Summer Slide? The latest water park? Or summer toy?A powerpoint slidefor kids?

Nope, it’s what happens when kids don’t read over the summer. They end the school year at one reading level–and return in the fall at a lower level.

And it’s one of the big reasons librarians and teachers encourage Summer Reading programs. 🙂

It really doesn’t take much to prevent summer slide. Just 15 minutes a day–a child can read silently or to someone else or have someone read aloud to a him or her. 15 minutes a day holds summer slide at bay.

And type or content of reading doesn’t matter. Kids can read books certainly, but they can also read cereal boxes, recipes, comic books, magazines, anything with words!

And get your kids involved in the process. I tell kids it will make school easier in the fall. Encourage kids to pick out what they want to read (choice is an element in motivation in reading). Make you reading aloud to them a summer treat, no matter what their age. Make summer a time for leisure, fun reading–and wave the summer slide goodbye.

Have fun!


This is from Lise Quintana on Flashlight Worthy Books.  She lists and reviews some of her favorite read-alouds–and makes suggestions for music to acommpany your dramatic readings!

My favorites of her favorites are Fanny’s Dream and Little Black Sambo.

What a fun idea! I may have to think of some of my own. 😉 What are some of yours?

Have fun!


Just one of the provocative statements from Eben Moglen (click on the second NTEN box).

Another? “Ownership of knowledge is a moral issue.”

Even if you only listen to 10 minutes, it’ll be worth it.

(I use the food and knowledge analogy also. It’s soooo true! :-))

Be thoughtful,


This week of May 24 is dedicated to getting all the last minute matters for Summer Reading done. You won’t be hearing much from me here on the blog as a result. 😉 I will be back next week though.


Train pic 14 croppeI’m in the midst of making deliveries to the home childcares in town which are participating in Storybox Special. Each month I deliver a new box of books that will be fun for the kids but also encourage early literacy skills.

I pulled up to one house this afternoon, unloaded the box, and headed down the sidewalk. As I looked up, there I could see six or seven faces, squeezed into the space of a small window, expectantly waiting for their Storybox. This was only our fourth delivery.

They’re smiling. I’m smiling. I hope you’re smiling too. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


When I was a kid and we traveled from Atlanta to Florida (every year for two weeks in a Karmann Ghia or VW bug with no A/C), we had AM radio and car games to keep us occupied.minivan

“Cows” was my favorite, and I loved to wipe my brother’s out by being the first to spot a cemetery! (In the days before the interstate’s were finished, we drove through a lot of Georgia countryside).

My mom would usually pack us a peach basket with coloring book and crayons, pencil and paper games, etch-a-sketch and other pass-the-time trinkets–but we really had to dole those out slowly or they wouldn’t last.

So then it was back to Cows and Car Tags. Yeah, I’m old enough there were no DVD players in cars or even the means to play an audiobook (after AM radio, there was only 8 tracks; no cassettes, no walkman–and if you don’t know what those are, google them and have a good laugh :-)).

But even today, with DVD’s and audiobooks, you still need things to do in the car, and games and songs are a great way to pass the time. (Please don’t plug in movies for ten hours; truly, it’s not good for your kids). Share some family time, build some memories, have some fun, even exercise a few brain cells–you can’t do that with the kids plugged in in the back seat. The kids really will enjoy it and remember it and probably be in a better mood when you arrive.

Here’s a website with 101 of them: Mom’s Minivan!



No, it’s not the title of a new kids’ book. It’s a video–of birds dancingcockatoo!

You’ll need sound for this one. It gave me a smile–and your kids will love it too. 😉

…Who would you believe? (A little background: Calvin is taking tiger lessons from Hobbes. Notice the stripes on his face.)  Watterson always nails it! Click here to see for yourself in this classic Calvin & Hobbes.

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  • June 10  Games in the Park: Get Creative with Play, Cole Park
  • June 17  Christine Jones-Daboll, drama & music, by the Train
  • June 24  Games in the Park: Get Creative with Play, Cole Park
  • July 1  Peggy Godfrey,  Sidewalk Poetry, check back for location
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  • July 22 Shadows & Journeys, Now or Never Theatre from Boulder,  CO, Special location: Boys & Girls Club, Alamosa
  • July 29  Games, Awards, and Ice Cream by the Train

Can kindergarten, and increasingly so preschool, be hazardous to your child?sandbox You betcha! And I’m not talking about toy recalls or contaminated peanut butter.

It’s rapidly becoming the whole process.

Please read Kindergarten Cram. Worried now? Read The Alliance for Childhood’s Crisis in the Kindergarten report. Read the book  Miseducation by David Elkind.

Then start talking–to your friends, your schools, your administrators. No one listens? Maybe your child’s better off without kindergarten. If that makes you nervous, email me; I can help.

To what’s truly best for our kids,


I keep a personal account on Goodreads and it feeds down in the left column, goodreadsletting you know what this librarian is reading.

I also have a group on The Passionate Librarian lists and reviews books for birth through grade 6-ish. It also will feed in the left column but you can also join the group or get an RSS directly from the group page.

I personally enjoy Goodreads because I can keep a list of books I want to read and a list of of what I’ve finished. Then when my brain goes blank, I can find my next read or remember the book I finished that I want to tell you about. 🙂



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