MangoNo, it’s not a dance and we’re not passing out fresh fruit (although in these economic times, wouldn’t that be nice).

But the library does now have MANGO!

Mango is an online foreign language learning program. And it’s free! You can use it here in the library–but better still, you can use it at home or from any computer! If you can type in the library’s web addie, you can Mango!

There are twelve languages to choose from including Spanish and English for non-native speakers. I’ll be playing around with it in the weeks ahead and I’d love to hear what you think about it.

So here’s the how-to’s:

  • Go to Alamosa Library’s website,
  • Click on the Mango logo,
  • Create an account if you want to be able to return and start where you left off; if not then under “Barcode,”  just type in 4 zero’s and any 5 more numbers.
  • Select your language.