hopscotchIs there a connection between reading and playing? The jury may still be out on a firm conclusion but the articles linked below are very persuasive that there may be a connection.

And why not play games? What have we or our children to lose? Over the last couple decades, schools have taught and tested our children at younger and younger ages–yet scores have continued to decline.

Earlier is not better. Dr. David Elkind wrote in the 80’s about research showing that if we taught children too soon (in other words, taught them things that were not age appropriate) that they did not truly learn those things, they became stressed out, and by third grade they hated school.

So here’s to games and letting kids be kids!

School Recess Improves Behavior

Oakland Group Seeks More Play in School Day (summary and audio)

The 3 R’s? A Fourth is Crucial Too: Recess (based on a study from the journal Pediatrics)

And tell me what you think!