What’s Summer Slide? The latest water park? Or summer toy?A powerpoint slidefor kids?

Nope, it’s what happens when kids don’t read over the summer. They end the school year at one reading level–and return in the fall at a lower level.

And it’s one of the big reasons librarians and teachers encourage Summer Reading programs. đŸ™‚

It really doesn’t take much to prevent summer slide. Just 15 minutes a day–a child can read silently or to someone else or have someone read aloud to a him or her. 15 minutes a day holds summer slide at bay.

And type or content of reading doesn’t matter. Kids can read books certainly, but they can also read cereal boxes, recipes, comic books, magazines, anything with words!

And get your kids involved in the process. I tell kids it will make school easier in the fall. Encourage kids to pick out what they want to read (choice is an element in motivation in reading). Make you reading aloud to them a summer treat, no matter what their age. Make summer a time for leisure, fun reading–and wave the summer slide goodbye.

Have fun!