OK, operative word in that headline (in case you didn’t notice) is FUN!

What kind of fun? All types certainly; it’s what summer break is about (or are you too ooolllddd to remember that?). But I want to talk about fun thasummert includes reading.

Kids love summer break. AND kids get bored. And they are honest enough to admit to both.

They need and want things to do in the summer and reading is one of the best and the most fun. But many of us adults spoil it.

Yep, the kids greet vacation time and “turn off” from school mode, but we adults have a harder time. Everyone needs downtime (did you know research has shown reading to be one of the best stress reducers, right up there with meditation?). Reading needs downtime too.

Let the kids read–whatever they want, whenever they want. If they don’t want to, set up a thirty minute a day quiet time when they sit down with a book or magazine.

But THEY get to choose the what! Choice is one of the elements that makes reading happen, even for reluctant readers. Number of words read is another factor. Both those elements can easily be a part of reading during the summer.

Notice, I did not mention reading levels, improving reading, quality of the book, quizzes, or comprehension questions. Put all that aside for the summer. If they want to read Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, car magazines, computer magazines, gaming magazines–(you get the idea?)–let them just read!

And when you see them reading and think “ick, why are they reading that?!” just repeat your summer mantra–“Number of Words, Choice of Book.”

Want to read more? Here’s a great article by Charlotte Canelli.

Have FUN!