Ever been to someone’s  home to visit–and the TV stayed on the whole time, TV pinkeven though no one was watching it?

I’ve always found it immensely annoying and distracting personally and often ask for it to be turned off.

Now research shows that having the TV on reduces conversations between adults and children–even if no one is watching it. Just having it ON!

And anything that reduces conversations between children and adults hinders language development. And lagging language development wreaks havoc on the ability to learn to read later.

Read more here at the NYTimes.

Need more convincing? Here are some stats:

85% of a child’s language is developed by the time they enter school. (Gail Rasmussen, Project Read)

By the time they were 2 years old, children whose parents had a high level of speech with them had a vocabulary 5 times as high as those children whose parents had a low level of speech. (Craig Ramey; Janellen Huttenlocher; two separate studies)

Turn it OFF! 🙂