OK, folks, here’s another motivator for education that fosters thinking skills: 6% of Americans (that’s adults, folks, not kids) believe the moon landing was a hoax. Read more here in the New York Timesmoon

I find this both scary and sad–scary because these folks make big decisions in their lives such as which cancer treatment to pursue or who to vote for and sad because not being able to think through ideas clearly makes life so much more difficult.

Education is about more than pouring “stuff & info” into someone’s head. It’s about exposure to ideas and worlds different than your own. It’s about learning to think–and learning to think about thinking (fancy word: metacognition). It’s about learning to love learning and learning to learn forever and not just for a few years of your life.

As trite as it sounds, education changes people’s lives and thereby our world. And no one can take it away from you, once you’ve be given that gift.

And on that more upbeat note, here’s an article about Greg Mortenson. Made me cry and reminded me why I teach.

To a new school year!