I know, I know. All the “best ways to make your way blogging” say don’t post apologies.

But here’s mine anyway ’cause it just keeps rolling in. question mark

I went on my first vacation in three years. A good thing–but no blogging while on vacation.

One week home and caught up enough to burn up the keyboard for you–and I get the 8 a.m. phone call that my kid at camp (of sorts) probably has the H1N1 (swine) flu. He did. I left the next morning, driving out to NC from CO, 1700 miles in 2.5 days. And then back again. (And he’s fine. More on the flu later).

Back home, I play catch-up again. I even post a little. I’m ready though to start sending ya’ll some thought-provoking, inspiring, useful posts–and the call comes in from the college kiddo in IL.

No, he doesn’t have the flu.

But he was at the doctor’s office and needs to come home for an outpatient procedure. So I’m scrambling to make that happen with aaaalllll that entails, especially on such short notice (he’s got to be well and clear by Sept. 5 to fly to Rome for his semester abroad).

So long story, not very short, 🙂 hang in there with me please! I’ll try to post some good stuff, but it will be a lot of “borrowing” for a bit until I have time to sit and breathe and think–and even find you a few new fingerplays and such.

I promise!

So here’s really, really good video, Shift Happens (the newest version). It’ll make you wonder and think and gawk with your mouth open–and then watch it again and think about children and the kind of education they need.


PS–Here’s also a wikispace page with more info (and a download link).