It’s 10 days and counting folks! Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19! Aargh!pirate flag

This really can be quite fun (well, my family’s always enjoyed it). There’s even a website. (The website is by and for adults so there is a little risque humor that will probably go right over most kids’ heads. But you be the judge for your family of how much supervision is needed. There are, however,  some pages specifically for kids.)

What’s this got to do with literacy?

  • You’re playing with language (and literacy is just one piece of the language development puzzle).
  • It’s fun (that really is important in encouraging literacy).
  • And even boys will like it!

And to get in a little “practice” ahead of time, here’s some of the library’s most popular pirate books to read alone or together:

  • Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson (a GREAT book to read aloud, especially with piratey voices!)
  • Captain Abdul’s Pirate School by Colin McNaughton (marvelous pictures)
  • Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas by Eve Bunting (for the youngest pirate set)
  • The Pirate Meets the Queen by Matt Faulkner (a favorite of girls and based on a true story)
  • Rabbit Pirates: A Tale of the Spinach Main by Judy Cox (are they French chefs? or aren’t they? lots of subtle humor here so for the sharp older preschool crew or older kids up to ten, one of my faves)
  • Pirates: Robbers of the High Seas by Gail Gibbons (non-fiction in Gibbons’ trademark style)
  • Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates by Kevin O’Malley (one terrifically fun book! ramp up those voices!)
  • The Golden Age of Pirates by Bob Temple (non-fiction but in “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive style)
  • Kidnapped and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (THE classic pirate read-alouds, my boys loved them)
  • Mutiny by Brad Strickland (part 1 of 3 part series, boys will re-read these)
  • Pirateology by Dugald Steer (I have to replace this one about every six months, it gets so much use)
  • Pirates by John Matthews (another frequently re-purchased book)
  • Commander Toad and the Space Pirates by Jane Yolen (one of a series of Commander Toad books, great read-louds, lots of play on words, and your beginning reader will love them too)

Now go read book, me matey–or walk the plank!