I had a conversation yesterday with a very caring, very well intentioned mother of a three year old.

She wanted to know what curriculum she could use with her.

I’m afraid I got on my soapbox big-time. I’m not going to do that here and now  (I may later :-)) but I do want to declare quite passionately:

Children between the ages of birth and five do not need a curriculum. Period. The end.

There are a few exceptions, but folks, those are exceptions, not the rule.

You didn’t need to teach your child to suck, to pick things up, to roll over, to walk,  or even to talk. You don’t need to teach your child the other things his or her brain is wired to grow into and learn in the ensuing years before school begins either.

I am truly worried about the coming generation of children who are not allowed to be babies and toddlers and preschoolers, following their own interests and curiosities and timetables. What happens when we have children with no childhoods?

I’ll write more soon about why this is not just my opinion. And I’ll write more about what is and is not needed.

Remember, no batteries and no curriculum needed.