We had our first Toddler Time today after a summer hiatus. This is my group for kiddos from birth through age 3 (yes, we had a newborn today). We do Tumble Bumblelots of songs and fingerplays,  get up and move circle games, a story or sometimes two, and then close out with maybe another fingerplay and our goodbye song.

For our story we read Tumble Bumble by Felicia Bond. This one works with little ones on several levels.

  • There are only a couple short lines of words on each page.
  • The words rhyme.
  • There are animals! And we can make animal sounds together!
  • It’s silly and pokes at the imagination as well.

For the slightly older, it’s still a fun book because:

  • They really start getting the humor (What’s the piggy looking at? Why, pastries in the bakery window! Why didn’t the crocodile eat the other animals? What if all those animals came into your house and climbed in your bed? etc. Very silly!).
  • The kitchen scene is great! What is each animal eating?
  • Can you count all the animals and friends as they come in one by one?

I recommend it!