Oh my goodness, this made me giggle–and brought back memories! Eric Apalategui writes in The Oregonian about his and his wife’s Goodnight Moonlove-hate relationship with Margaret Wise Brown’s classic Goodnight Moon. I won’t tell you more because he says it so much better. It’s really worth the read.

It really brought back to memory, though, our family’s best story about Goodnight Moon. My oldest son (who’s now a junior in college and a Latin major) insisted that we read him Goodnight Moon every night at bedtime. We might read other books as well–but he did not go to sleep until he had heard Goodnight Moon. This went on for well over a year (I really am not exaggerating). Goodnight Moon was his security blanket in a sense.

What happens, though, when you driving cross-country and you realize you FORGOT THE BLANKIE/BOOK?! Yep, we left without Goodnight Moon. And we knew he was not going to sleep in the car without hearing it and we knew he would scream for hours rather than fall asleep (past experience and another story).

Right before panic set in with all of us, my husband had a flash of ingenuity. He began reciting it. “In the great green room…” I vividly remember looking over at him (I was driving) with an expression that said, “You really think we can get all the way through this from memory?!”

But of course, he was right. We had read it soooooo many times that it came back with ease. We swapped lines back and forth. And yes, the kiddo in the back seat dropped right off to sleep after the last line.

What are your memories of Goodnight Moon?