Thinking about bringing your little one to Toddler Time–but kinda wondering why? And how? (Note: Toddler Time at Southern Peaks Public Library is for children from birth through age 3).

Here’s the why:Mama and Baby

  • 85% of a child’s language develops between birth and age 5.
  • Positive associations with books, libraries, and reading aloud  encourage reading later.
  • Songs, rhymes, movement, and stories build language in fun, developmentally appropriate ways.

And here’s the how’s:

During the first few weeks–

Toys and food are best left in the car. Other children will want to have “it” too. At these ages, though, children are not able to share and problems usually develop.

When Toddler Time is no longer fun, it is time to leave. The noise is not a problem; the unhappiness is. It is very important that a child’s time spent with you, with books, and at the library is enjoyable.

The younger the child, the more they will wiggle, squirm, and move around. It’s OK. Sitting still is not the goal. Length of time you stay is not the goal. Being present and having fun are the goals.

Some children like to move up front during the stories. That works—as long as they do not stand so that other children cannot see the pictures. Help them to sit down, sit with you, or you come forward and sit them on your lap.

Relax and enjoy this special time with your child!