Sometimes, with some folks, you just need a good number to make your point stick.

It’s certainly true in the world of early literacy. How do we get decision makers, purse-string holders, and even parents to listen and pay attention? Reading to children just sounds too easy. It’s so easy that’s it’s hard to imagine that it could really make the huge differences that it does.

That’s where and when I use statistics. And this article from Jumpstart is full of them!

Here’s just a few to get your wheels spinning:

  • Only 18% of Americans know that children who lack early literacy skills are less likely to succeed as adults.
  • Seventy-three percent of Americans wrongly believe that if children enter kindergarten unprepared, they will catch up in elementary school.
  • Research proves that children who enter kindergarten behind their peers will most likely never catch up and are three to four times more likely to drop out in later years.

Hope these help! And remember, change a life; read to a child!