I love both these books because they aren’t quite what you would expect for Thanksgiving:

  • Who’s that stepping on Plymouth Rock? by Jean Fritz andthanksgiving door
  • The Thanksgiving Door by Debby Atwell.

Fritz’s book is back in print in paperback and is typical Fritz history–factually accurate but with a good dose of humor. It’s a great read-aloud for Thanksgiving Day because I’ll bet you a turkey leg, none of the adults will know the “true” story of Plymouth Rock either! It’s fun to have everyone present learn something new.

Atwell’s book has no ships, no harsh winter, no pilgrims–but it does what only stories can do. Shake us out of our daily lethargy and shift our perspective to see the world anew. It gets “the message” of Thanksgiving across without any preaching and with characters you’ll never forget. After one reading, it’s become a part of our family traditions.

Finally, I adore the fact that neither story has any sap or sentimentality.

So before the food’s on the table or the games are on the tv,

Read a Thanksgiving story!