Baby Gym is a fairly new series of board books for babies and toddlers that I touch & ticklestumbled across recently. There are four books in the series and come in about an 8×8 size.

My favorite is Touch & Tickle. Each double page spread is a rhyme, and four of the five rhymes are new ones to me. Illustrations are bright and colorful, and the babies all look like they are having fun with their grown-up. Families are multicultural, there’s one parent in a wheelchair, and one child is wearing a hearing aid.

The best part though? The words are followed by directions for actions–and the actions are based on baby massage! What a marvelous idea!

Others in the series includes Wiggle & Move, Calm & Soothe, and Bounce & Jiggle. (They also have movements with their rhymes but the movements are not specifically massage based.)

Have lovely time with your little one!