I used to send Christmas cards, and I would spend hours picking out the perfect one each year.  The costs and my handwriting got so out of hand, however, that I finally switched to the often maligned email Christmas letter.

This card by David Malki (who gives much joy to my life with his strip Wondermark) is sorely tempting me, though, to pick up the pen and plunk down the postage stamp cash just for the pleasure of providing a seasonally appropriate spiritual laugh to all my family and friends.

While I dither my decision, you take a look: Click here.

With joy,


PS–Yes, you are not mistaken. My posts are a bit on the short and fluffy side right now. I’m behind from the holiday (somehow) and up to my ears with preparation deadlines either for the class I’m teaching in January or my family’s holiday celebrations. I do have some good stuff in line to blog about; just biding my time until I have time to do it justice. You please bide too! Thanks!