The cloth book Big Rex and Friends by St. Martin’s Press has a red dot in it that contains an “excessive level of lead.” Refund information is available here and you can read more, including links to the CPSChere.

A few comments from the librarian:

Note in Macmillian’s announcement that the problem is with the sewn-in dot rather than with the book overall. As you hear and read more about legislation concerning lead levels and books (CPSIA) and the need and/or requirements for testing, bear in mind that the culprits appear most often to be:

  • components added to books (such as dots, foils, spirals, little doo-dads, glitter, etc.) and
  • components made in China (the same country that brought us poisoned milk, toothpaste, and dog food).

As a concerned parent, those are the types of books and items I would avoid at this point until further testing and legislation are hammered out.

I hope the media does not blow this out of proportion, leading parents to worry about all books that their children are handling and reading.

Stay informed,