33-35% of children start school already behind. What? Are they suffering from a lack of the latest educational toys? Did

photo from flickr's The Commons

they not have access to and instruction in computers? Did their parents neglect them and not sign them up for baby gym, music, and ballet?

No, they simply weren’t read to between the ages of birth and five.

33-35% of children in this country begin kindergarten not knowing how a book works, not being able to listen to a story, not being able to sing a song or nursery rhyme.

And all those “not’s” and more add up to a child not ready to learn to read. They add up to a child more likely to drop out of school, become a teen parent, spend time in juvenile or jail. Even if they fall into the best case scenario rather than the worst, they grow into young adults who “fail to launch.”

Want to learn more about the why’s and why not’s? Want to become part of the solution? Spend four hours with me on one Saturday–and then 10 minutes a day with a kid. Come find out more at an early literacy class I’m teaching here in Alamosa. (It’s January 23, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Alamosa Family Recreation Center.)

You’ll learn what early literacy is (and isn’t), how it works, what resources are available (free) to encourage and promote it, and how to put its principles into action. The class is free and I promise I won’t waste your time. Just call the library at 719-587-3065 to register. Parents, teachers, childcare providers, and anyone else who cares about kids can gain from this class. And you can even earn continuing ed credits. 🙂

Hope to see you there!