OK, so mostly this blog is about little kids. But I am a librarian for babies up through young college aged folks. And I love reading YA (when I have the time) especially nowadays when I think some of the best ficiton writing for anyone is coming out of the YA camp.

So “life” and teaching in the last weeks, things were too crazy for me to get my top ten list into Persnickety Snark’s polling for the top 100 YA novels. But I did make a list and here it is. It’s  in no particular order (ranking things I love drives me nuts and I don’t need that right now).

Antsy Does Time by Shusterman

The Outsiders by Hinton

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

Mortal Engines by Reeves (the whole series! although the first part of two really drags, you’ve been warned)

To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee

The Once and Future King by White

A Day No Pigs Would Die by Peck

The Crucible by Miller (I know it’s a book–but it’s soooo right for YA)

The Handmaid’s Tale by Atwood

And number 11 I throw in for good measure unofficially. I truly love this book. I’m terribly interested to see if it ever gets the readership it deserves (from guys and girls)–and what its staying power will be over time.

Crazy Beautiful by Baratz-Logsted

I have this horror of posting and then remembering all kinds of terrific books I’ve forgotten to include! But if that happens, I may do list #2. 😉

Happy Reading,