It’s almost that time, everyone! Summer Reading does fast approach. We’ll start registration this Saturday, May 15th, either online at (and then look for the link in the left column) or register at the library. (It makes our planning easier if you register online.) But don’t panic! Registration runs through June 30th.

Click here to see info on the program in brief.

Click here for summary of directions (and keep reading here, too).

Click here to see the schedule of programs. Notice this year we have one set of programs for all ages, one set for ages six and under, and one for ages seven and up (especially “up’ ;-)). Dates and times will vary between the groups so check it carefully!

Also new this year will be weekly drawings (rather than the big end-of-the-summer drawings). Each week that your child completes his or her “reading brick,” they’ll get to put their name in for that week’s drawing. Drawings will happen at the programs and you must be present to win. (We will still have a weekly prize box they can select from, too, after turning in their brick.)

To complete a “reading brick,” your child needs to be read to, read to someone else, or read on their own for fifteen minutes a day. Why fifteen minutes? That’s the amount of reading that prevents “summer slide.” If children do not read during the summer, they will actually begin school in the fall at a lower reading level than when they left in the spring. So get ’em reading! And remember, they can read anything–really, truly, honest to goodness, any type of reading works! In fact, if they pick it out, it “works” even better.

If your child is too young for fifteen minutes a day, never fear! Activity bricks are here! Each of these bricks list six activities that support the growth of early literacy skills. Early literacy skills are very basic skills that help your child be ready to learn to read years later when they begin school. No teaching is involved; just having fun with some simple, do-it-together activities.  Each time you and your child complete an activity, check it off. Once completed, bring in the brick and we’ll put your child’s name in for the drawing. (Selecting from the weekly prize box is an option but it is at a parent’s discretion; all prizes may not be suitable for ages three and under.)

For more information, email me at or call 589-6592 and speak with any staff librarian. There will also be program updates in the Valley Courier newspaper each week and a few more postings here as well. Help spread the word!

Looking forward to a great summer! Let’s build it!