And the prize goes to Zoopa by Gianna Marino! What’s Zoopa?

Zoopa is a yummy looking bowl of tomato based alphabet soup that attracts first an ant to the table–and then a whole alphabet’s worth of animals! And it’s the “funnest” alphabet book I’ve seen in ages.

Each double page spread shows a bowl of soup on a placemat. Each new spread shows the next alphabet letter floating in the soup. For each letter, there is a picture of an animal whose name begins with that letter. None of the animals leave the pages so as the story progresses, things get a little chaotic and crowded.

And did I mention Zoopa wordless? So you and your kiddos can find lots and lots to talk about from page to page. What’s that letter? What’s that animal? What’s he doing? What’s she carrying? What’s different? (On one spread the baby elephants that decorate the edge of the soup bowl come to life and start spraying each other with tomato soup.) Where is the (blank) now?

Something new catches my eye every time I look at this book. Hope it catches yours too!