from l to r: Candy Castle, Ice Cream Float River, Lollipop Woods, music and story areas, Gumdrop Mountains, Peppermint Forest

Yesterday we played Candy Land for summer reading.

Trail to the Ice Cream Float River

The Gingerbread Tree

But we played outdoors with no boards. We played Life-Sized Candy Land! The kids were the game pieces and they moved around the “board” in the park as I called out colors.

Music with Jim and the Gingerbread Baby

We also had someone reading The Gingerbread Baby by Brett and Hansel and Gretel by Marshall, a craft area for making a take-home gingerbread person, and a fabulous musician with his gingerbread friend. Kids moved from area to area as a group finished playing the game.

It took a week’s worth of prep with lots of help from all the staff and lots of helping hands that day (thank to all!). But we had no wind, a great turnout, and lots of fun, involved kids.

Who else has played a life-sized board game?