Some things we want for our kids:

  • That they are healthy,
  • That they are learners and thinkers, and
  • That they can form good relationships.

That’s a short list. It looks pretty simple–until you start thinking about how to make it so especially in today’s world.

Yet it is simple.

Give them:

  • good food,
  • good exercise,
  • time with caring adults, preferably parents.
  • And make some of that time be with stories and books.

Well, yeah, you’re saying. But it can’t be that simple!

Many things in life are simple. But life throws so much at us–distractions, busyness, even real problems.

Children still need what children need. It may be simple but it’s also so important. As a culture, we have a hard time holding simple and important together in our minds and lives. If  it’s important, it has to be complicated and difficult and very, very time consuming–maybe even expensive!

Just simple and important. Give your kids food, exercise, and loving care.

(Here’s a terrific article from NYT on kids, exercise, and “brain power,” well worth the read.)

Feeling a bit like Pooh Bear,