It’s taken several weeks to get the following posted, but I’m afraid getting storytimes back on track and finding my desk again under the piles took precedence! 🙂

I presented More than Eensy Weensy Spider: Early Literacy Storytimes and Your Library at the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference in October in Denver.  With an understanding of the basics of early literacy, it’s possible for any library, of any size, to adapt their current storytimes into early literacy storytimes–with no extra staffing, time, or money needed.

The links will take you to presentation slides and the handouts. Handouts include addresses for all the links used in the presentation, books referenced for each early literacy skill, references for statistics used, planning sheets for two age groupings, and a flow chart to show the changes from “regular” to “early lit”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email. And permission is granted to use and share for educational purposes with credit given.

Hope these are a help!