Someone asked a great question about Storybox Special. How do you decide which books to put in your boxes? (If you don’t know about Storybox, click here to read more.)

Here’s the basic mix. Each box contains:

  • books that support at least one early literacy skill,
  • books that support a developmental task of children ages birth to five (for instance, a new baby in the family, learning about emotions,  or potty training),
  • bilingual books, and
  • at least one teacher resource book.

More specifically, each box will have at least:

  • 3 books for phonological awareness,
  • 1 book for letter knowledge,
  • 5 books for narrative skills,
  • 1 book for print awareness,
  • 2 books for print motivation,
  • 3 books for vocabulary,
  • 2-4 books for developmental tasks,
  • 2 bilingual books,
  • 1 seasonal book, and
  • 2 board books.

Each box contains about twenty-five books.

Through an El Pomar grant, we are wrapping up processing twelve new boxes and hope to start circulating them after January’s early literacy class. If you know anyone in Alamosa or Monte Vista who is a home childcare provider, let them know we’d love to have them join Storybox Special. There’s no cost to participate and the only requirement is to attend the one-time class.

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