I’ve written often about the connection between play and learning. Even more specifically, here (take a look; there’s a supremely cool video with it), I talked about the connection between fun and learning. When there’s a positive emotion or a pleasurable experience paired up with a learning moment, more learning happens and more learning is possible in the future.

How can we work more fun into the things we do with kids? We adults can get a little “fun” challenged especially when we feel like we’ve got to teach something. So take a look at this list of “What If” questions put together by Alissa Marquess (scroll down a bit to see them).

Creative thinking feeds more creative thinking. One type (art work) encourages another type (word games). Play is how humans learn. So relax, drop the worries, and have fun with the kiddos in your life, playing with them and encouraging their creativity.

Play on!