You want the best for your kids.

You als0 don’t want to go broke raising them.

Contrary to what product marketers would lead you to believe, those two are not mutually exclusive. You can provide for your child and save your money for other things. 🙂

To start you on your way, I’ll be taking a look at a few things I’ve run across for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers that you are better off not buying. First up:

Baby bottle thermal wraps: If you stick with the principle of why baby bottles exist, you’ll see why this is unnecessary. Baby bottles are for feeding babies; they are a substitute for the breast. Baby is hungry. Baby is fed. Bottle is empty and gets put away. The idea behind a thermal wrap is to keep something cold. But a baby fed from a bottle doesn’t have the bottle long enough for the contents to get hot. And most babies don’t like drinking cold liquids anyway.

If you think you need the wrap because your child likes to “keep” the bottle, you need to know that that can create several problems. First, baby’s saliva gets into the formula or juice and starts to break it down (which is what saliva is for). Left to do this for an extended period of time, it sets up spoilage and can give your child stomach aches or diarrhea.

Second, sucking on bottles of formula or juice for long periods of time causes tooth decay. Yep, even before you can see those pearly whites! And it’s even worse if you let a child sleep with a bottle.

Finally, if your child uses a bottle for water, that’s ok. Most children get enough fluids from nursing or formula, but in especially hot weather, offering water can be good. Just remember, that they will drink more if it is at a lukewarm temperature, not icy cold.

So if you like the wraps for their cute designs, that’s fine. Just know that’s what you are buying them for, just decoration, and not as something necessary.

More later,