I AM truly passionate about kids, books, music, learning, and having fun (as well as a few other things ;-)).  My work is not confined to four walls but is outreach oriented. I do believe that reading to children changes their lives. Forever. In most every way possible. Amen. 🙂

My educational background includes a BA and MA with concentrations in child development, education, and psychology.  I love teaching and training adults including at local, state, and national conferences and at the grad school level. I’ve worked kids with all abilities and backgrounds. I’ve also started up preschools, managed a children’s library department, designed and implemented a comprehensive early literacy program, and worked in medical centers, nursing homes, and churches–and those are just the highlights.

I love helping people and it tickles me to death to hook them up with the right resource.  That’s why I’ve begun “and it was…Just Right” Educational Consulting Services (click for more information). I can be a bit of a rebel in the good sense of the word, often marching to a different tune. The world’s a wide open, wonderful place to me!

I’ve homeschooled two boys for as long as they’ve been around; the oldest has graduated from Knox College in IL with Latin and Journalism majors; the youngest is a 11th grader.  DH is also a humanities professor at the junior college here in the San Luis Valley.

The accent is from growing up in metro-Atlanta (no, it is not a Texas accent).  I’ve also lived in NC, East TN (my favorite until the Valley), NJ, PA, and TX.  We’ve lived in the San Luis Valley of Colorado for over 8 years now and love it!

In my spare time? I love to do handwork (just don’t try to teach me to knit!), I sometimes DJ Ballads and Bluegrass at our local public radio station KRZA, I do sustainable vegetable gardening (John Jeavons’ methods), I love genealogy but rarely have the time. And of course, I love to read.

Thanks for reading!