and it was…Just Right partners with busy adults who care about children by providing resources, expertise, and events which fit the needs and interest of children. We are committed to finding what is Just Right for an individual child or group of children and to designing what is Just Right for adult audiences. In the midst of many choices and many voices, we exist to help caring adults find what is Just Right–quickly, easily, and at a fair price. Less time spent searching means more time spent with the children we all care about.

Our core values:

  • Putting children first
  • Encouragement of the natural human drive to learn and grow
  • Developmental appropriateness
  • Non-commercial products with extended play and exploration time
  • Making life easier for busy adults
  • Service which grows out of caring relationships
  • Earning trust by proving ourselves trustworthy
  • Commitment to the San Luis Valley and other rural areas in the U.S.
  • Giving back to organizations which work with language development, early literacy, and reading in rural and poverty areas in the U.S. and Africa

Contact Babette at babette(dot)reeves(at) for personalized

Resources: books, toys, parenting helps, educational recommendations; personalized shopping;

Expertise: training & development, workshops, curriculum design, conference speaker, parenting classes, homeschool consults, web and print content development, tutoring;

Some topics include early literacy, learning to read, what makes a good story, child development, discipline, the science of story, child-led learning, collection development that works, hazards and helps of early childhood education, best books for early literacy, how to care when it can’t be fixed, communication skills, grief and loss, and more.

Events: book fairs, preschool & school family night programs, Stories and More by Babette (stories, games, music and more for children).

These are just a sampling!

Our goal is to hear what your needs are and design accordingly. So feel free to contact me to talk over ideas!