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Here’s an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal on the gap between boys and girls in reading and what to do about it.

I, like Mr. Spence, am the parent of boys, both voracious readers at ages 14 and 21. They have always been readers. And my experience matches with the “science” he quotes. They both have grown up with strong limits on screen times, be that TV, video games, computer time, or handheld screen games.

Screens are very easy to turn to as a kid when you’re bored and don’t know what to do. Finding something to do takes some time rattling around. Eventually if the house is full of constructive “stuff” (blocks, pots and pans, legos, dress up clothes including swords and capes, books, etc.), they will find something to do. I found it takes about 20 minutes. 🙂

They will not choose these other things, though, if screens are always available first. Especially boys. (I believe there is something different about boys and their brains that makes screens especially attractive to them.)

Mr. Spence leaves out a few important points though.

First, reading at early ages must be enjoyable. That means not insisting (or even asking) that your boy hold still and be very quiet while you are reading together. Boys are wigglers and squirmers and little noise makers. They can still listen while doing all this. My youngest at age seven was still falling off the back of the sofa during our reading times. He also could tell me everything I had just read aloud to him.

When an experience is pleasant, enjoyable, or fun, we as humans want to do it more. When we fuss at boys while reading, they associate the fussing with the reading and who wants to be fussed at? So no more reading. When we ask boys to do something they physically are incapable of at that developmental point in time, we put them in an untenable position. Who wants to be in that place? So no more reading.

We set the stage for loving reading early, early on, well before a boy ever starts school just by those simple actions, words, and attitudes from the adults boys want so much to please.

Second, I’m with Mr. Spence on the mistaken reliance upon grossology. Yet without stooping to it, there are books that boys like better. Most girls will sit and listen or will read most anything they are handed. Most boys will not. At least not until they are hooked on reading.

Boys like action. They like “big things” whether those are trucks or explosions. They like voyages, adventures, struggles, quests, and good vs. evil. They like heroes, monsters, and legends. They like to know how things work. They like dinosaurs and guns; they make them feel powerful and boys must learn over time what power is about. They like stories that show boys learning to be their best and boys becoming men–as long as that is not the point of the story; the story must come first. They like stories about boys doing the things they would like to–climbing trees, building rafts, getting chased by bulls, and generally getting into innocent trouble.

Turn off the screens. Get good “boy” books in your house. Get your adult attitudes out of the way. And watch your boy grow into a reader.

Here’s to reading for all, including those marvelous boys!



It’s been quite a while since I found  a really enjoyable, clever video (at least one that I could post here :-)). Pixels Take Over NYC qualifies.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this one–but are you old enough to identify all the game references?



orisinalI’ve never met a kid (or adult) that didn’t love these games. They’re fun, the graphics are top notch, and you won’t believe the music. And last I looked, there was only one involving shooting things. 😉

So when your kid needs a break from reading and playing outdoors, check out Orisinal.



goo-2Ready to have some fun this weekend? Check out The World of Goo.

It’s an online game that has great graphics and music–and it promotes thinking skills and basic understanding of physics.

Mostly it’s fun! 😉

The free demo will let you play the whole first level. After that it’s $20. Way cheaper than a movie for the family.



Try these two suggested activities 😀

The American Film Institute has all kinds of TOP 10 LISTS.  Print one off and see how many your Thanksgiving crowd can figure out.  (We did the TOP 100 MOVIE QUOTES).  You do have to register to log in but it’s a freebie.

For non-movie buffs, the younger set, or silly grown-ups, ever see a bouncing turkey explode?  Check out the Turkey Shoot game (and when the noise gets on your nerves, just turn off the sound, right?).

Have Fun (and a great turkey day!)

It’s Sunny Day Sky, float the mouse with his umbrella over the cars (wish city traffic really was this pretty).

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with gaming websites and our kids.  I won’t get into that here, at least not for now–but when you do want a website for you, your kid, or you together to “waste” some time playing web games, check this one out:

The graphics are fabulous, the music fun, lovely, or both, and the violence (even imaginary) is very minimal or even non-existent.

Have fun!

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