On these pages, I’ll list, by grade, some of the books and resources that I used over the years homeschooling with my boys that “worked” for us.

A couple of caveats first:

Your mileage may vary. These are only recommendations.

Lists will be highlights, best of, and not comprehensive. (I will not list everything we used.)

There is no, repeat, no magic curriculum for all. All children are different. Even my two are very, very different from one another (aw shucks, thought once I done it with one, I had it made with the other; silly me). You have to do and find what works. This is not a problem; this is an advantage to homeschooling.

If a child is too fussy about schooltime or is bored, then the work and materials used are either too easy, too hard, or not their style. Find something else. Don’t fight a losing battle or make school miserable (that’s probably one reason your kiddo’s not in public school, right?).

Finally, remember, you’ve got years and years and years for your child to learn (fill in the blank). There’s no hurry, honest.