This list will probably morph over time, but I am so often asked for recommendations for “homeschooling curriculum” (to be clear, there really isn’t such a thing; it’s whatever you want it to be), that I’ll begin by listing some that come to mind.  Over time the list may develop into books for each grade level.  We’ll see.

Call or email me if you have questions.

In General:

Creative Home Schooling by Lisa Rivero

also see page on Scope & Sequence

For Math: 1. Math is more than Arithmetic.  2. Teach the concepts, not the rote mechanics.

Miquon series (K-grade 3)

Key to Press

Teaching Textbook



The Number Devil

Murderous Maths

For English/language arts:

I still haven’t found anything I like after all these years.

The old Roberts English series from the 60’s-70’s is still the only thing I like. When the boys are gone, I’m writing my own. 🙂

For Social Studies/History:

You can’t beat Joy Hakim’s A History of US.  Free study guides online also that follow Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Story of the World

anything by Usborne

For Foreign Language:

Rosetta Stone, hands down.

For Science:

The Story of Science by Joy Hakim (yep, same lady, excellent!)

anything by Bill Nye the Science Guy

interesting science topic books from your library (not the dry “school report” kind, though)